Web design and Software Development

Website design, logo design, flat design. Web programming, HTML5 + CSS3, fully responsive websites, modern techniques. Wide range of software applications development, as web services, mail services, application servers, databases

Data Automation

Programs and services to automate your data handling. This will save your time.

Marketing Solutions

Solutions that are solving the key question - how the best to present your Product to those who is looking for it.

Our expertise can cover the areas of Websites, Web Services, SaaS, Data Processing and Automation, Improvements of the existing systems, Design of new systems

We provide the following Services:

Website Design and Development:
Using: HTML (HTML5), Javascript, jQuery

Web Services and Consulting:
Using technologies: SOAP, CGI, JSON, XML, RESTful

Data Processing and Automation:
Data conversion between formats: Text, CSV, HTML, XLS, XML, PDF, DOC
Data handling

Database Design and Development:
SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL, Firebird, Oracle

Web Analytics:
Google Analytics

SEO Optimization:
Websites redesign for SEO

Marketing Solutions:
Site optimization for Selling Product
Google AdWords setup

Mobile Platforms (Applications Development)

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